Blueberry x Cheese x G-13 Haze
70/30 Sativa dominant
10.62% Total THC
5.33 mg/g Terpene Content

This offering comes to you all the way from the land of tulips. These seeds were procured directly from the hands of SOMA in Amsterdam by one of the Palm Tree family cultivators back in the mid 2000’s. To see seeds harvested by the man himself must have been truly a unique and special experience and we are honored to bring this strain to the West coast. The Sogouda phenotype we selected produces a tantalizing and unique palate offering a soaring haze experience with the luscious flavor of both cheese and berry. It’s no wonder that SOMA himself refers to the Sogouda as soooooo good! So save yourself a trip to Holland without missing out on some of its finest flowers.

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