Chernobyl IWE 45 & 160 Chara


Our IWE is made from the dried frozen trim, larf, and littles of the same Chernobyl from our Rooted in Soil line. Our Director of Cultivation also doubles as our in house IWE expert. He uses four different micron bags: 45, 73, 120, and 160. Something magical happens when one applies a slight amount of heat and pressure to hash so we decided to hand press some 45 and a mix of 45 and 160 into beautiful charas. The charas will melt but are more of a half melt grade. Other smoking recommendations are press a small patty and put it on a screen in a traditional bong or bubbler and watch is disappear when you hit it with the torch or my personal favorite is smooth out a snake and put it in a joint with any of the Rooted in Soil or Palm Tree flavors and savor that wonderful hash taste and aroma.
*All the IWE are available in very limited quantities.

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