Black Jack


Black Domina x Jack Herer
50/50 Hybrid
18.68% Total THC
9.5 mg/g Terpene Content

What happens when you pair the iconic cannabis strain Jack Herer with the heavy hitting indica, Black Domina? You get some truly connoisseur grade medicine. Black Jack is one of our personal favorites to date, these clones were acquired from Peace in Medicine in Sonoma county.
Our phenotype lends itself more to the Jack side of the equation, providing that stellar mind expansion that all us Sativa lovers crave. But the Domina will not be denied as this medicine is not for the faint of heart and provides just enough of that indica couch lock to keep ones head from going through the ceiling.
And don’t worry for all of you looking for the complete medicating experience the Black Jack will not leave your tastebuds feeling left out. An intense lemony lime flavor attacks the pallet leaving one yearning in anticipation for the next taste.

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